This past week, I completed two research assessments and accumulated research sources to use in my original work. Although, at first, it was difficult for me to find sources for my original work that did not have heavy medical jargon, as I searched through the PubMed website, I was able to find resources that aligned with my topic by reading through the entire article and taking time to understand it. My first research assessment was over the significance of newborn screening and how countries are struggling to maintain proper standards for this, meaning there needs to be improvements. This article showed the gaps in the current system of newborn screening and highlighted the lack of consistency, which leads me to believe that hospitals need to take more action on enforcing these aspects of healthcare. My second research assessment covered the impact of mask usage on infant visual acuity, as well as social developments. This was fascinating for me as I never considered how mask usage could cause the delay of social milestones in infants. I learned that there are many ways to find a problem in the healthcare system and develop sets of solutions. I hope to further my understanding of this research by reviewing research on the impact of social milestones on the neurological development of infants, as I have not explored this area of study.