Throughout the past week, I attended the ISM Business Symposium and wrote my first interview assessment. From my experience at the ISM Business Symposium, I gained knowledge on the insight that professionals in various fields have on areas such as leadership, making connections, finding passions, building businesses, and more. As the sessions were led by students in terms of asking specific questions of the panel, I was able to better understand the interconnection between the perspectives and uncertainties between the professionals and students. One specific thing that stood out to me was when all the professionals were consistently listing authenticity and the ability to have difficult conversations as a major factor into hiring and providing platforms for future leaders. As I reflected upon this, I realized that authenticity has always been a part of my personality that I hoped to show, which was a step in the right direction, however I am a bit shy with others so I will need to work on being more bold with my interactions. The interview assessment allowed me to truly consider the information I received about neonatology and put it into context as it relates to my goals and passions, which helps me better understand myself, as well as what I want. For the next interview, I hope to be able to ask more general questions about medicine and research.