My name is Reeha Shahdad and I am a senior at Frisco High School. Through the Independent Study & Mentorship Program, I will be studying neonatology this year. I aspire to become a neonatologist due to my passion towards neonate care and caring for others throughout my life. Outside of school, I am on the Outreach Team of organizations such as the Purple Hydrangea Project and Youth in Dentistry, as well as being a part of the Fellowship Team in the Homegirl Project. I'm thankful to be able to explore my interest in psychiatry throughout this school year and potentially make an academic difference in the realm of neonate care.

Through my independent study, I aim to form an educated understanding of neonatology. Through careful research and the mentorship of a professional, I will create a final product that academically contributes to the realm of neonate care. Using dedication, self-awareness, and passion, I hope to progress in my journey to utilize the opportunities I have to better myself as a person and a future physician.