Over the past week, I made great progress in my ISM journey by completing my first research interview and original work proposal. I was successful in setting up the research interview with Dr. Mir and ensured I would be prepared with an adequate number of questions and in proper formal wear. Through this, I learned a great amount of information on neonatology as a subject and simply contribution to society. In order to take notes afterwards, I recorded the interview. He covered the main duties in neonatology and also the inner complexity of treating babies, which stems from the fact that often times, they are unable to even cry or advocate for themselves in any way. Something that he said that was particularly striking is "if you really want to contribute to the world, the universe will put the right ideas in your mind". For my original work proposal, I decided to write a research paper on the impact of specific diets such as veganism, vegetarianism, or an omnivore diet on the health and development of the neonate upon birth. As I did previous research assessments which all highlighted the impact of the mother on the child, I began to have a specific interest in how different choices of the mother during pregnancy can impact the baby. In order to seek answers for my curiosities, I chose to focus my research on this topic, as I hope to continue on this week.