Over this past week, I decided to redirect my ISM journey to neonatology. This is quite a shift from psychiatry, but I am looking forward to learning and gaining experiences in this speciality. I polished my resume to ensure it has all the elements required to present me as a student. There were certain points, such as my website information and Linkedin that I forgot to add initially. However, my peers reminded me through the peer review system so I was able to correct this. Additionally, while I was reviewing my the resumes of my peers, I noticed design styles or details I wanted to include in my own resume. As a result of this process, I will have a greater level of skill in building my resume in the future. I also completed my first research assessment on neonatology. As compared to psychiatry, many of the articles on neonatology had heavy medical jargon so I had to be very attentive to vocabulary while choosing an article that was fairly easy to understand. The article covered a study on the premature births and stillbirths in Sweden during COVID-19 lockdown. The results showed that the lockdown, as accompanied with increased health awareness and intervention, did not have an impact on the rate of premature births and stillbirths. Upon learning this information, I became interested in researching the impact of the mother's diet or exercise on the neonate weight and size. I wish to further my understanding of this in my next research assessment.