Over this past week, I progressed in my ISM goals by completing a topic proposal for neonatology and my second official research assessment. As I worked on the topic proposal, I thought of the experiences that led me to medicine, such as my hospital volunteering, community service, and research projects. Thinking of these events seemed to have ignited my passion and made me feel a bit emotional towards my aspiration. From this, I learned the importance of writing your thoughts out as it allows for deeper reflection and consideration of what drives you towards your goals. My research assessment was over COVID-19 and breastfeeding, in which the significance of breastfeeding and a few COVID-19 protocols were discussed. Upon reading the article, I learned that if a woman who had COVID-19 breastfeeds her child, in her breastmilk there can be antibodies for the illness which can help protect the child from this. The challenges that I overcame include converting my thoughts about neonatology into finding an article that didn't have an excessive amount of medical jargon. I want to be able to know basic medical terms pertaining to neonatology to be able to work with a greater range of articles. Based on what I learned from the research assessment, I want to further my research by understanding the significance of neonate development with maternal care next week.