This past week, I completed my first research assessment in ISM. I started my research on psychiatry by finding an article on telemedicine and telepsychiatry. This resource provided me insight on the benefits and limitations of telemedicine, including specific details on its impact in psychiatry. Based upon the information I gathered, I was able to form an action plan for how I could apply these concepts to my life. For example, due to its benefits related to social distancing and easing burnout of medical staff, as well as convenience for the patient, telemedicine is a form of medical care that will continue to gain popularity after the pandemic. As a result, in order to provide optimal patient care, I can take classes that teach technical skills that are useful for operating systems of online appointments, efficient online communication, and proper doctor-patient interaction online. I wonder how telemedicine impacts the physician attention to outer appearance, which is relevant to noticing symptoms of the patient that they may not be vocal about, such as loose clothing hinting weight loss. It was quite difficult finding a relevant article that did not use heavy medical jargon, but I was able to work past this. I was successful in finding an suitable point to begin my learning, but will work on furthering my understanding of psychiatry in a more specialized manner. An area of growth I need to improve in is understanding medical terms significant to psychiatry. I would like to focus on gaining more knowledge about trauma and its physical symptoms.