Last week, I started attempting to connect with professionals in psychiatry for an interview. I used Linkedin as my main form of outreach, but I soon realized that this was not very useful as I didn't have messaging capabilities for most of these individuals. As a result of this, I've now decided to focus on email and cold calling because I believe it will give me a closer direct link. I believe I need to improve on my ability to reach out to professionals confidently in order to establish a line of communication. Additionally, I spent time working on my resume in order to build a profile that I believe will draw attention and give insight into my academic career thus far. At first, I had elaborated as much as possible on it so that I would be able to allow any reviewers to truly understand what I had done throughout high school. However, in order to follow the recommendations of the resources I found online and in the ISM Student locker, I shortened the information to ensure it would fit on one page. I'm quite satisfied with the layout I chose because it has the aesthetic point but holds all the information needed. I finished my second research assessment over the rise in elderly suicides in India during COVID-19. I learned about the reasons that the elderly in India were resorting to suicide, such as fear of contracting COVID-19 and depression due to social isolation, as well as a lack of support. Although this is very unfortunate, it helped me gain a perspective of people in such a situation and allowed me to consider ideas of somewhat alleviating this tension for them. I was able to review and record some thoughts on how the situation could've been improved. I want to learn more about what has already been done to support the mental health of the elderly in India and how mental health initiatives can connect to social work.