This past week in ISM, I made arrangements to start my journey in ISM through presenting an introduction speech, setting up a LinkedIn account, and creating my digital portfolio. These experiences have been priceless to allowing me to take steps forward in my career and maturity as a future physician. Due to online school, I had been previously unable to truly experience public speaking throughout my junior year, but through the ISM introduction speech, I was able to collect my thoughts on the past, current time, and future, as well as exercise my public speaking skills. Although I have anxiety surrounding public speaking and tend to become intimidated with the idea of performance, I worked past this in order to present information on myself to my classmates in a way I could be proud of. Setting up a LinkedIn account is a major step into the "real world" for me. My profile is my presentation of myself and my abilities to future employers or mentors. The addition of my past experiences alongside my coursework and goals for the future served as a reminder of who I am today and who I wish to be in the future. The process of finding an appropriate picture for my profile helped me recognize what is considered professional in the workforce and made me consider how I would want anyone considering to work with me to perceive me. The digital portfolio was one of my first experiences with making a detailed, professional website that is appropriate and presentable enough for me to feel comfortable with being represented by it. All these assignments helped me recognize the significance of attention to detail and self-initiative in building a successful career.